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3 Tips To Launch An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

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What is email


Is your mailbox always full of advertising emails? If
you are experiencing such a situation, it means that companies are reaching out
to you through email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is an effective
marketing method that companies frequently utilize. So what is email marketing?
Why do companies care so much about email marketing? 


Email marketing is a form of marketing in which you
reach out to your target audience, such as potential or existing customers, or
promote your product or service to high-quality prospects. 


 With this marketing method, you can inform large
audiences about your product, enable them to sign up for your newsletter, or
share featured updates about your product. You can also use email marketing to
increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your existing customers, upsell to
your current customers, or gain new customers. 


Email marketing is the cheapest direct marketing
method. With email marketing, your emails instantly reach potential customers
from your audience and are easy to follow. Considering the returns, it is the
most effective marketing method. You can enrich your message and send it to
your target audience with different visual content such as text, graphics,
images and videos. You can increase web traffic by adding links directly to
your product or site. 


Reaching the masses with email campaigns is more effective than phone marketing,
another marketing method; people can read your email when available. Email
marketing, where you can follow your success statistics on a wide range of
scales, can give you feedback on these statistics and increase your success


Another advantage of email marketing is that you have
the opportunity to send personalized emails. People prefer to read messages
that start with their names. Before launching an email marketing campaign, you
must ensure that your campaign aligns with GDPR. Let's run through some basics
of a successful email marketing campaign: 


1) Avoid the spam


There are some words we all know that sound like spam.
Best prices, the cheapest, make money. If you use such words in marketing emails,
your emails will likely fall into the spam box. Email marketing is an
application in which we should choose the words we use well to avoid getting
stuck in spam filters.  


Spam filters analyze user responses to emails with
similar content. If your email contains spam words, your email opening rate is
low, the recipients open your email and do not react, or they mark it as spam,
your spam score increases, and you may get stuck in spam filters. 


Creating your email list from the right audience is
essential to avoid getting stuck in spam filters. Emails to irrelevant users
can put you on spam lists based on user analysis. The emails you send to the
right customer prevent you from falling on the spam list and allow you to get
more interaction and positive feedback. It may be the right move to remove
users who have not responded to your three consecutive emails from your email


2) Keep your
email marketing message short and concise 


No one likes to read long articles describing every
detail of a product presented at an unexpected moment, for example, user
contracts. In your email marketing campaign, mentioning the necessary
information helps you achieve much higher feedback and reading rates. Instead
of sending long emails, focusing on describing your product in the fastest and
most understandable way in a concise email will benefit your campaign. 


3) Target and
reach the right audiences with Tamly 


As you can imagine, the way to launch your email
marketing campaign is to identify the right audience for your product or
service. So, good news: As Tamly, we are quickly and reliably sending you the
email addresses of your potential customers at home and abroad who match your
target audience! 


With the Lead Generator feature, Tamly finds the most
suitable potential customers for your target audience for a small fee after you
select the people from the sector, country and business position you want to
reach and determine the number of people you want to reach. Tamly gives you the
most accurate target email addresses, enabling you to make more precise and
efficient email marketing to your target audience. 


Increase the success of your email marketing campaigns
with Tamly. You can sign up for free right now on, reach your target
audience immediately with Lead Generator and test the approach of various
target audiences to your product. Good luck! 

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