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4 Effective Lead Generation Methods & Tools

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Lead generation seems so simple, yet endless efforts at acquiring new leads resulting in low returns could be frustrating. All business owners aim to optimize this critical stage of gaining new customers, especially startup founders. 

Especially startup founders could struggle with lead generation as they jump into pushing a brand new product into the market and get the word out fast enough. Let’s run through some major lead generation methods you could utilize for your business. 


1) Launch a LinkedIn campaign 

LinkedIn is a gold mine for your outreach efforts, you can reach all kinds of professionals that fit your target audience. Contacting people through LinkedIn regarding your product could also lead to more returns, resulting from a more casual direct messaging interaction. 

Once you get on LinkedIn, you could search professionals by various details like their job title, company, or location to get in touch with them personally. Either through mass messages, personal invites or sponsored posts, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to reach a broad business network. 


2) Work with lead generation agencies 

Now that we established how valuable LinkedIn is to generate new leads, let’s talk about an alternative method that lets you acquire a higher number of accurately targeted leads faster. By utilizing lead generation services, you could bypass the process of searching a narrow audience across millions of LinkedIn profiles by hand. 

Once you determine your target audience and email us at, our team at Tamly will provide you a list of leads accurately picked from your target audience. Send us a message and see how we could help you out for generating more high-quality leads. 


3) Reach out to different audiences 

Targeting a better audience is a matter of trial and error, retargeting is key. As your business attempts to reach various target audiences, the returns will vary notably. To improve and maximize your chances of targeting an audience of better fit for your product, your team should experiment with targeting a variety of audiences and track their conversion rates. 


4) Consistently publish relevant content 

Relevant content attracts traffic, and more traffic means more leads! Although waiting and expecting prospective customers to approach you might not be your primary lead generation method, content marketing certainly is not a funnel to be ignored. The content you publish not only improves your online visibility, but also educates your customers and leads on how your product could be implemented in their operations. 

As you maintain a steady supply of content that relates to your product and hot topics in the industry, your website and in turn your product will likely get more attention. Quit delaying to implement a solid content strategy; get working on an informative, interesting, and easy to digest content base now! 

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