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5 Essential Business Networking Tools and Tips

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The business networking has been undergoing a technological transformation and adaptation. The ordinary networking criteria has started evolve and the main building foundations of networking has changed due to digitalisation. The business networking is evolving towards a more digital oriented environment and this transformation process has been feeding its consumers with multiple digital platforms. In this blog, our aim is to recommend you specific digital networking tool in order to develop your digital presence in the online business world. 

1. Tamly Digital Business Card

In the digitalisation era the need of carrying a physical business card has eliminated and this need is derived in to having a digital business card. Digital business cards are compatible and applicable to any digital platform which enables the never-ending usability. Rezy business card provides you the flexibility to showcase your identitiy in any platform with mind blowing easy use. Having a digital business card has become a must on platforms like LinkedIn and that is why one of our vital advices for you would be to creating a Rezy business card on and integrate this unique business card to every platform. When you complete the integration process, your visibilty on networking platforms will drastically increase and due to the professionalism you will have, it will create more networking opportunities.

2. An Updated LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is an inevitable reality of the business world. 93% of the recruiters use LinkedIn to search and find candidates. Having an updated LinkedIn profile is a must and if you do not have it we advise you to complete it ASAP. LinkedIn is the number one answer for Google searches under your name and that is why it carries a huge load of your online presence. Despite the fact that LinkedIn is the leading platform of your online identity, it also provides the opportunity to become members of your desired communinities to networkers like you. With an updated LinkedIn profile you can join any community you are interested in and start networking just like in real life. 

3. Standout In Clubhouse Sessions

Clubhouse is another digital platform which was derived in the pandemic process in order to keep in touch with people and keep ourselves sane when we all were at home. Clubhose was designed to have fun, get informed and socialize primarily however the community it has built made the app an excellent platform to showcase yourself and network. As we all know, businesses, leaders and recruiters love leader-blooded people and Clubhose is one of the most effective platforms to show this blood. In order to stand out in the Clubhouse sessions raise hand and ask questions this will enhance the way you are perceived by other community members and most people will try to keep in touch or at least contact you. If you want to take this a step further, start building your own community with your self-created session. Networking is always much more powerful when you are able to build your community.

4. Show Your Expertise In Community Platforms Like Reddit

Community platforms are perfect oppounities for engaging, showcasing yourself and your knowledge. These community led platforms are always active and that is why they provide the flexibility to always showcase yourself. These platforms, like Reddit, are driven through discussions on specific questions or topics and you can easily show and grow your presence via being active on most discussions. Some key tricks that can increase your presence are;

  • Always introduce yourself since most of the people use their nicknames.
  • Be a part of every discussion topic which you have interest on.
  • Use your knowledge and try to be supportive as possible.
  • Offer to help in order to start building your own community around you.

5. There are Always People Seeking Answers in Quora

Quora is another community led platform however it is only created for connection users who are seeking answers with users who have the answers. Quora also has an upvote or downvote system in order to create the quality scalability of the given answers, and this is the right place for you tos hine and show that you are the one to answer the related questions. If you are able to answer the related questions to you, then your online presence will start to grow. This presence growth in Quora will start to bring people to you since you will be the “answer master”. 

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