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What We Learned About B2B Marketing From LinkedIn Outreach

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Marketers love emailing. Without a doubt, email marketing is a super practical way of keeping your audience in the loop, and even reaching out to cold leads to expand your audience. 


While email marketing is amazing and at times irreplaceable, you might be looking over an outreach alternative that results in higher returns: LinkedIn outreach! 


Staying in touch with your existing audiences aside, reaching out to new audiences via email marketing engages your audience on a more personal level and often results in a higher response rate. More importantly, email marketing campaigns targeting ‘new audiences’ that are likely to be purchased email lists more than often violate data privacy laws. 


Let’s review how you can utilize LinkedIn outreach for your next campaign.

Why is LinkedIn a better alternative to email marketing 

There is a sweet spot when contacting cold leads, you have to maintain a certain level of relevancy and personalization in your messages. LinkedIn is fairly ahead of cold emails in those terms. 


Through LinkedIn, you get the chance to form a dialogue with each of your leads that express the slightest interest. They get the chance to interact with you -and your business- personally. 


In addition to often yielding higher response rates on LinkedIn, you also have to consider data privacy laws in your country. If you buy your email lists, most of the time you have to take additional measures and consult a legal professional to keep your campaign aligned with data privacy regulations. 


How to approach cold leads on LinkedIn 


Cold leads could especially be more attentive towards more relevant, personalized messages. They don’t know you, they aren’t expecting to hear from you, and they don’t know why you’re reaching out to them. So, give them a reason to listen to you. 


After launching your campaign and reaching out to your leads on LinkedIn in bulk, it’s time for you to watch out for any responses and engage with your audience to the max. To do so effectively, personalize every interaction as much as you can. 


Although preparing various message templates beforehand may help, never copy and paste those directly. Instead, tailor your message to a degree based on what your contact wants to hear and ask them further details about their business to understand how your product or services really benefit them. Look into their profile, understand their offering, recognize their target audience; then, your contact will understand that you genuinely care about and understand their business’ needs. 


Keep your message concise, to the point, and start genuine conversations without hard-selling. As long as you follow those basics, your next LinkedIn campaign is much more likely to be a success. 


Ask us about how we automate your LinkedIn outreach and audience targeting using Tamly! 

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