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Guide to Contacts (aka Your Tamly Directory)

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 How you will manage your contacts on Tamly 


After drawing lead lists using the Lead Generator or importing a list of business contacts using our Excel template, you need to keep track of your progress with each of your leads. 


To help with that, we designed a basic directory as well as a funnel tracking system under the “Contacts” page. On the page, click on the “List” tab to access a list view of your contacts like a basic CRM directoy, click on the “Preferences” tab to design your sales funnel, and click on the “Funnel” tab to access all your contacts organized in a sales funnel view. 


Now, let’s focus on the first two stages of the funnel view: “Prospect” and “Approached”. These two stages are default for all Tamly users, you are going to love them and here is why. Any lead that you identify using the Lead Generator will autmatically be added to the “Prospect” stage of your funnel. Similarly, all the leads that you contact using the Outreach tool will be automatically moved to the “Approached” stage of your funnel. The rest of the funnel tracking process is custom and carried
out manually. 

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