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Guide to Lead Generator

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What is lead prospecting 


Lead prospecting is the process of obtaining cold leads from your desired target audience. The lead prospecting process includes saving and organizing key data about leads from a certain target audience like contact information, professional summary, company information, industry information and so on. Tamly Lead Generator brings you hundreds of leads from your target audience, using our data mining infrastructure. 


There are many outlets that allow you to prospect leads manually or automatically, and the main source of cold leads for businesses is LinkedIn as you may assume. LinkedIn is the virtual business world of the entire globe. You could contact anybody from any country, industry, or position -even CEOs of the top companies-. 


Identifying a list of leads using Tamly Lead Generator is the first and most important step in launching your outbound campaign. The other tools we have -Outreach and Contacts- are both designed to function after having a list of leads ready in your Tamly account. You could import an existing list of contacts as well, once formatted in our Excel template. 


How to use the Lead Generator 


Let’s summarize the entire process: 

1) Connect your LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter Lite accounts to your Tamly account. 

2) Put in the characteristics of the audience you want to reach out to for your outbound campaign. 

3) Indicate the number of leads you want. 

4) Name your lead list. 

5) Start your search. 


1) Connect your LinkedIn: We gather the audience data from LinkedIn Recruiter Lite. To enable the Tamly Lead Generator to draw the said audience data, you have to first download the Tamly Chrome extension and then log in to your LinkedIn Recruiter Lite account in the same browser as your Tamly account. In the Lead Generator page, you will see an “i” icon above the “Search” button. Once you click on the “i” icon you will see a checklist that verifies your Tamly extension, your LinkedIn account cookie, and LinkedIn Recruiter Lite account cookie. Once all those have a green check mark on their left, you are good to go. 


2) Input audience characteristics: Now that you have your LinkedIn account connected, it is time to order your first list of leads. Jump into the Tamly Lead Generator page, under the “Search” tab select “New Search” button, choose the “Skip” button to start a search from scratch, and there you will see the audience filters. Here, we
expect you to put in the characteristics of the audience you want to reach out to for your campaign. The most essential filters are Job Title, Industry, and Location; once you have these down, you are likely to have an audience data that you will do business with. If you might want to reach more niche audiences, you could input “Advanced Filters” at the bottom of the page and filter your audience for Skills, Company Size, Keywords, and LinkedIn Connection Count. 


3) Indicate the desired number of leads: Once you have your audience parameters down and before placing your order, you are required to indicate the number of leads you want from your audience of choice. We recommend not exceeding 300 leads per day and 800 leads per week to keep your LinkedIn account secure. 


4) Name your lead list: As you keep using Tamly, you are likely to have tens of lead lists saved to your account. To distinguish between lead lists, make sure to name each of your lead order that would help you recognize the audience data from the name. 


5) Start your search: You are all set and ready to go, now you can place your lead order! If you might want to get the work email data from your audience as well, you could use the Dropcontact add-on available at checkout; you have to have a Dropcontact account to use the add-on. You could track the status of your order on your Tamly account’s Lead Generator page. It takes roughly 90 minutes to gather the audience data for 300 leads. Finally, for your account safety avoid any kind of LinkedIn activity while Tamly tools are working. 

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