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Guide to Outreach Automation

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 What kind of audience outreach are we talking about 


Now that you have a list of leads from your desired target audience drawn from Tamly Lead Generator, the next step would be to reach out to them about your product and services. 


Our Outreach tool allows you to send bulk LinkedIn connection requests to your targeted lead lists, with a personalized invitation message of up to 200 characters.  


How to use the Outreach automation 


Assuming you read our “Guide to Lead Generator” and generated a list of leads from the Lead Generator tool, let’s summarize the entire outreach process: 

1) Connect your LinkedIn account to your Tamly account. 

2) Choose the lead list to be contacted. 

3) Type a brief invitation message. 

4) Launch the Outreach automation. 


1) Connect your LinkedIn: Our Outreach tool operates on LinkedIn, and helps you send bulk connection requests with invitation messages to your lead lists. To enable the Outreach tool to send bulk invites to your lead lists, you have to first download the Tamly Chrome extension and then log in to your LinkedIn account in the same browser as your Tamly account. 


2) Choose the lead list to be contacted: After clicking on the Outreach tab, select the “New Outreach” button. There, you will see every lead list you have drawn from and uploaded to Tamly so far. Select the lead list that you want to contact via LinkedIn using Tamly Outreach tool, by clicking on the “Choose” button next to the lead list names. 


3) Type a brief invitation message: LinkedIn allows you to send a brief invitation message along with your connection requests. This will be a preview of why you are reaching out to your targeted leads, so be descriptive, to the point, kind, and do not hard-sell. Normally, LinkedIn allows up to 300 characters in invitation messages, however we keep it at 200 characters so you could add personalizations as well. 


4) Launch the Outreach automation: After choosing your target lead list for the outreach and typing down your invitation message, you are ready to launch the Outreach automation. Once you click on the “Outreach” button on the “New Outreach” page, a pop-up note will come up, asking you to verify the LinkedIn account to be used for the outreach request. Click on the ‘LinkedIn’ phrase in the note which will take you to LinkedIn on a new tab, and make sure you are only logged in to the LinkedIn account you want to lauch the outreach from. After you do so and click on the “Approve” button, you can track the status of your outreach from the Outreach” page. 

 A final note: Outreach tool only sends 50 LinkedIn connection requests per launch. Although the connection request limitations imposed by LinkedIn vary based on individual accounts, for your account safety we strongly recommend sending a maximum of 50 invites per day, 100 invites per week, and keeping a maximum of 250 pending connection requests sent. 

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