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Improving Client Relations With Tamly: The All-In-One CRM

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All-in-one software can be confusing to familiarize with, yet turn out to be unbelievably convenient and cost-effective. In this brief post we aim to describe all features of Tamly, and help you figure out how we could ease your operations. 

Never hesitate to reach out to us for any questions, and also ask about our roadmap (many interesting stuff is yet to come)! 


Primary features of Tamly 

As the Tamly team, we recognize the modern nature of and keep up with current needs in client relation management. We aim to design our product considering these contemporary needs that mainly revolve around digital platforms. 


Let’s take a quick glance at what we offer in Tamly: 

Lead generation. 

Client contact lists. 

Link management and traffic tracking. 

Customizable digital business cards. 


Tamly Lead Generator 

With Tamly Lead Generator, Tamly goes way beyond what typical CRM services offer. As a Tamly user, you wouldn’t only be managing your current client relations more effectively, but also build brand new relations by accessing a broad potential customer base from your target audience. 


Tamly Lead Generator is a completely GDPR compliant method of acquiring new leads, through one of the most effective methods. First, you build your target audience based on: 


Job Title 

Company Name 

Company Size 





Graduation Year 


Once you share all the details of your target audience with us, we will provide you a list of leads picked from your audience in an .xlsx document, simple as that!
Some information we share about your leads: 

LinkedIn Profile 

Company Email 




Job Title 

Company Name & Website 


Generating accurately targeted leads from different audiences is a great way to test different audiences for your product, as well as gain new customers. 


Tamly Link Manager 

So far you’re most probably familiar with hyperlink management platforms that users list in their social media bios. You’ll be pleased to know that Tamly link manager is 100% integrated with Tamly web app, where you could access all our services. 

If you haven’t used such link directories, let’s run through how they could come in handy in a few examples: 

Social media pages. 

All kinds of content outlets like blogs, vlogs, podcasts and more. 

Ecommerce pages. 

Business websites. 


You can track your link performances and traffic, get detailed traffic insights, customize the visual design of your link directory to make it more appealing to visitors, and most importantly access all these services through the Tamly app where you’ll be managing all your client relations! 


Tamly CRM & Digital Business Card 


On top of our fancy lead generator and link management tools, it would be a shame if we didn’t offer the classic CRM services. Most basically, you can save all your business contacts in your Tamly contact list. 


Some major information you could save about your contacts: 

Company name and job position. 

Contact information like phone number, email, website, and address. 

Notes, interests, and labels. 


Even more conveniently, you could design a digital business card, share it with your contacts through a QR code, and let them save your information while you can save theirs. 

Come on, don’t keep waiting and set up your Tamly profile now to stay connected with your business network in the most effective way! 

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