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The Most Effective Ways To Find Customers Abroad

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While some companies are doing well at home, they also aim to expand abroad and grow
further. Each company's growth and customer acquisition are essential to
increase its profitability and to survive in the market. 

During the growth phase, you'll spend loads of effort to find customers abroad. Therefore,
finding customers to export goods may not be as easy as you may think. Let's
examine the effective methods of finding customers abroad for export! 

Finding customers abroad for goods exports 

Organizing your social media accounts and website is a simple but essential step. Such
platforms are your interface with companies abroad, and they will make it
easier for companies that need your product to reach you. With search engine
optimization (SEO), you can increase your website's traffic and attract more

You can search for industry-specific terms and company names on search engines and social
media platforms to establish new international connections for potential
collaborations and sales. Instagram and Twitter are more useful for B2C
companies, while LinkedIn is a better platform for B2B companies. 

Due to the structure of LinkedIn, you need to search according to your target audience
characteristics and make individual contacts with your audience and send
messages. So let's put your mind at ease about this; as Tamly, we make this
process much faster and more effective! 

You can take another road to sell your products and services abroad with the distributorship
model. You can contact the distributors in your target country and sell your
product through them. Tamly allows you to accurately find the B2B connections
you need for distributorship deals, whom you can reach via LinkedIn or email. 

You can also find lead prospects abroad using your business network. Reaching out to export
companies with the reference of your sales connections abroad is a way to do
this. However, you are unlikely to meet with high-quality leads more likely to
convert to users. 

Another way to find high-quality leads is to visit the websites and social media pages of
companies that may be interested in your product. You should extensively browse
the companies' websites and expect them to respond to your emails. This method
makes it very difficult to reach the senior officials of foreign companies. A
more convenient alternative would be to use B2B lead prospecting sites like
Tamly to contact senior officials. 

Overseas lead prospecting services

A recently popular service is global lead prospecting sites such as Tamly. These systems,
which enable you to communicate with valuable potential customers through an
application, company or organization, save you time and make your marketing
operations more efficient. These sites, which undertake to find customer
contact addresses for you in brand new markets, are beneficial for companies
that want to find customers abroad.

The logic of websites like Tamly is to give you the professional contact information of
potential customers directly. Then, you must market your product in a
captivating language, as you always do. 

How Tamly allows you to reach potential customers abroad

First, you tell us about your target audience characteristics and the number of prospects you
want to reach. Then, we can find the most valuable prospective customers from
abroad for a reasonable cost using the Tamly Lead Generator. 

You can view, group and search the contact addresses we found for you in Tamly from a single
directory. You can synchronize your directory with other company employees and
coordinate your work.

Come sign up for your free Tamly account on and be the next marketing team we help
operate more effectively! 

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