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Phantombuster Alternative For Marketing Teams

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Phantombuster is an outreach automation and lead prospecting tool that allows users to gather contact information of prospects based on various specifications, and ease marketing outreach towards their given target audience.

Besides their lead prospecting tool, Phantombuster offers plenty of automations you can use across various social platforms for marketing outreach. Marketers may ask at this point, how they can track their progress with leads through a single platform, more like an end-to-end process.

Thankfully, Tamly aims to cover all outbound marketing and LinkedIn marketing needs you may have. With Tamly’s Lead Generator, CRM Directory, and Calendar feature built in the same platform, you can not only carry out all your marketing outreach on LinkedIn, but also track progress with every lead.

Additionally, Tamly provides a marketing outreach service where you can not only gather contact information from your target audience in a GDPR compliant way, but also send bulk LinkedIn invites and invite messages. You can also delegate this entire work on our team.

Let us run through how you can support your marketing outreach operations with Tamly, compared to Phantombuster.

Phantombuster Pros

● Automate operations in almost all social media platforms.

● Provides unique insights on social media activity.

Phantombuster Cons

● Features almost exclusively limited to automations.

● High variety in automations make it somewhat complex.

● Identified email addresses’ activity not verified by default.

Tamly Advantages

● GDPR compliant bulk contact information gathering.

● Lead prospecting from your target audience.

● Integrations with email verification tools like and Dropcontact.

● Lead prospecting, CRM directory, and calendar features in the same platform.

● Unlimited prospecting with pricing per lead credits.

● Database updated frequently.

Tamly as an end-to-end outbound marketing solution

One good thing about Tamly is that you can access all the tools you may need for outbound marketing through a single platform. Imagine an outbound marketing funnel using all our tools:

1) A list of contacts from your target audience is gathered via Tamly Lead Generator. You can export these tables as an .xlsx document.

2) All these contacts are saved to your Tamly Directory, where you can access basic contact information, save notes and reminders, and send LinkedIn invites.

3) LinkedIn invites with invitation messages are sent in bulk towards this list.

4) Your Tamly account manager or your own employee manages the communication with contacts, building up until a meeting is booked.

5) The interested leads are directed to your Tamly Calendar page where they can book meetings in your free time slots, integrated with your Google Calendar.

6) You hop on a meeting with your new sales lead.

Create a free Tamly membership with no payment information in a few easy steps. See what we have to offer, and never hesitate to reach out to us as well!

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