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Reaching out to Elon Musk Via Networking

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Networking is a disregardable element of your business career. This element is contstructed and grows through the individuals you have in your both business and social life. If networking is used effectively, it creates an oppportunity for you to meet with Elon Musk in only 6-10 people. Before we go further into detail, let’s begin with a simple question; “what is netwoking?”. Networking, in business world, can be described as establishing rapport with another business individual. Further steps in this rapport in business world can lead to partnerships and becoming colleagues. 

 After briefly describing networking, the next step is to answer “how to do networking and how to sustain it?”. As we can all agree on, these questions do not have a direct answer however, they can be broken down in to particular points in order to create an idea.

Never Hesitate to Socialize and Greeting Yourself

A healthy networking starts with a healthy introduction. Greeting yourself is the number one key factor to get a grip of an effective headstart of your networking journey in business events. Do not hold yourself back in new environments, be venturous. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, these business environments are harder to find and attend but, the opportunity to use digital platforms have become much more easier to network and greet yourself. The first step you need to take is to create yourself a digital business card and send this card to any business individual you desire to contact with. 

Show that Your are Worthy to Meet

Another vital element of an effective networking occurs when both individuals have something to benefit to the opposing person. So, think about your strenghts and how you can benefit to your environment. An exceptional presentation of your strong abilities will always be remembered. In the business world no individual will say “no” to a help of an extra hand to take a step further to the success; be that extra hand.

Stay Open-minded

Even though it sounds like a really basic element, being open-minded or becoming open-minded is a tough process. You need to stay away from over thinking any encounter or a connection. If you overthink and let a connection down due to your emotions, it can arise a possibilty of missing out a crucial oppportunity. In the business world, if you desire to have an engaging and beneficial network group around you, you need to ceize every opportunity you see. Do not get misguided by your emotions and try to keep your network as much engaging as possible.

Stay In Touch

Even if you have successfully completed every single step in perfection, if you do not remind yourself and keeping up with your new connnections, no matter how perfect you are, you are going to be forgotten. Think your network as a friend group, you must normalize staying in touch with your networks in order to sustain a healthy relationship. 

We know you are still wondering when Elon Musk part is going to show up in this blog. Let’s start of with a study which has been undergoing over the years. This study is called “six degrees of seperation”, and is aimed to know how closely each individual is connected to each other in the whole world. A social psychologist Stanley Milgram sent a specifc lettter to hunders of random people, from a wheat farmer to a professor . This letter wanted the specific person to find and give the letter to “Alice” who was a student in Boston divinity school. If the person did not know Alice in person they should give the letter to a person in their circle who might know Alice. The only rule was to put a stamp on the letter when a new person receives it. At the end of the experiment, when all mails were reached to Alice, the average number of stamps on it was 6. This experiments demostrated that each person in the world was connected by an average of 6 people. 

Now let’s connect the two dots. We know that there only an average of 6 people between 

you and Elon Musk. The only possibility that you can increase this chance and find the right 6 people to reach Elon Musk is to following the referred steps above. Never hesitate to introduce yourself, know and show your worth, always stay open minded, and always remind yourself to your business circle. If you create your network according to these steps, surround yourself with the right people and never settle back then, the easier it becomes to meet with your idols. 

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