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Sales Automation: The Key to Increasing Revenue and Reducing Costs

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Sales automation has the potential to decrease sales costs by streamlining administrative tasks and reporting, while simultaneously unlocking additional revenue through automated outreach to customers within the sales funnel. Despite its potential value across various use cases, many decision-makers remain unaware or have yet to capitalize on the benefits of sales automation. To harness this emerging opportunity, sales organizations need to adapt both their work processes and technology platforms, ensuring seamless collaboration between sales representatives and automation solutions. Early adopters of sales automation consistently report benefits such as increased customer-facing time, heightened customer satisfaction, efficiency improvements ranging from 10 to 15 percent, and the potential for a sales uplift of up to 10 percent.

Approximately one-third of all sales tasks have the potential to be automated.

Leading companies are increasingly incorporating automation as a crucial element for enhancing cost efficiency and driving sales growth. An illustrative case involves an advanced-industries firm that implemented automation to streamline its bid process, dramatically cutting proposal time from three weeks to a mere two hours. Previously, sales representatives handled all requests manually, compiling documents, referencing specifications, and creating proposals. With the new approach, pre-designed proposals are automatically populated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) data, subsequently reviewed by a sales rep before being sent to the customer. The outcome has been heightened customer satisfaction and a notable 5 percent revenue increase. Additional advantages of automation encompass an overall cost reduction of 10 to 15 percent and a remarkable decrease in order processing time—from two or three days to a mere one or two hours, starting from confirmed order to confirmed delivery.

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