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Tamly: Connect Your Business With The Right Audiences

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Although marketing teams use plenty of software to render their operations more effective, it would certainly help to bring multiple interconnected features under the same roof.

That’s exactly what we aim to achieve with Tamly; allowing our users to conduct every single step of their marketing outreach campaigns from a single platform.

Let’s run through all the tools and features Tamly has to offer.

Tamly Tools & Features

Think of Tamly as an end-to-end outbound marketing tool. We provide an accurately targeted lead prospecting service, supported by outreach automations, a basic CRM directory and various other functions that support outreach campaigns.

Here are all the features we offer at Tamly:

● Lead Generator; an audience-targeted, mass lead prospecting tool.

● Directory; a basic CRM directory with reminders, notes, and contact info.

● Calendar; a meeting planner integrated with your Google Calendar.

● LinkedIn Approacher; automate LinkedIn invites and invite messages.

● Workspace; use Tamly with your team and sync your directories.

● SmartLinks; a free digital business card and link listing tool.

Lead Generator

Effectively reaching out to different target audiences is essential to expand your client base or test your product-market fit. With Tamly Lead Generator, you can easily contact leads from your desired target audience and test their response towards your product.

You can always export your lead prospect lists from Tamly as an .xlsx document, and to make it all better all your prospects will be automatically saved to your Tamly Directory.


Our Directory helps you organize your contacts with labels, set reminders about them, save all their contact information, save meeting notes, and track your progress with every lead.

The best thing about Tamly Directory is that all the prospects you generate via Tamly Lead Generator are automatically saved to your directory as contacts.

By labeling your contacts, you can sort them out in your directory, assign contacts to your teammates, and keep your funnels more organized with loads of new prospects coming in.


You targeted new contacts from your audience, reached out to them and even got some responses expressing interest; now what? Planning a meeting, of course!

For your convenience, we added a Calendar tool on Tamly platform, integrated with your Google Calendar and functions identically as Calendly.

First you connect your Google Calendar account, then indicate your available time slots, and finally share your Calendar link with those interested in scheduling a meeting.

Once your leads show interest in your offering, you can send them your Tamly Calendar link to have them plan a meeting.

LinkedIn Approacher

Although not published yet in our web app, we offer a LinkedIn Approacher tool to send mass invites with messages via LinkedIn. Simply contact us to learn how we can help you speed up your LinkedIn outreach.

After targeting contacts from your target audience via Tamly Lead Generator, you can send them automated bulk invites with invitation messages on LinkedIn.

Keep in mind that LinkedIn outreach campaigns let you connect with your audience on a more personal level, are likely to yield higher response rates than email campaigns, and much safer in terms of compliance with GDPR.


One of the best things about Tamly, and what we also use as a team, is its Workspace feature in the enterprise package. With Tamly Workspace, your directory will be synchronized with your coworkers’.

You can track your whole team’s progress with leads, and get some basic information about leads added by your teammates.

SmartLinks: Digital Business Card & Link Listing

Our SmartLinks tool offers a digital business card and a link listing page to all Tamly users for free! We thought as you go on to expand your business network and client base, some further online presence won’t hurt.

Also, Tamly digital business cards are integrated into your Directory and any business card you add via a QR code will be saved to your Directory.

Summing up: The customer acquisition process via Tamly

Now that you know about all our tools at Tamly, let’s sum up the whole customer acquisition process:

1) You enter your target audience characteristics and get a list of contacts that fit those specifications via Lead Generator.

2) Your new contact list is automatically saved to your Directory, and saved to your account as an exportable spreadsheet.

3) Using LinkedIn Approacher, you send mass invites with invitation messages to your list of contacts.

4) When a contact requests a meeting, you direct them to your Calendar link to schedule a meeting at your available time slots.

5) You hop on a meeting with your potential customer.

Set up your Tamly account for free (no payment info required) in a few easy steps at and never hesitate to reach out to us about any questions you may have.

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