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Tamly: Your All-in-One Solution

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Adapting to all-in-one software solutions might seem perplexing at first glance. However, the undeniable convenience and cost-effectiveness they bring to the table make them indispensable tools for modern businesses. In this blog post, we aim to elucidate the myriad of features of Tamly and help you grasp how it can streamline your operations. 

If you have any questions or wish to explore our roadmap (packed with exciting features in the pipeline), please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Key Features of Tamly

At Tamly, our team understands the modern nature of customer relationship management (CRM) and is committed to designing our product with a keen eye on contemporary needs, primarily revolving around digital platforms. 

Let's take a quick tour of what Tamly has to offer: 

Lead Generation

Tamly's Lead Generator goes beyond the typical offerings of CRM services. As a Tamly user, you not only enhance your ability to manage existing customer relationships efficiently but also establish fresh connections within your target audience. 

Tamly's Lead Generator offers an effective and fully GDPR-compliant method for identifying new potential customers by leveraging the power of filters to define your target audience. Here's a few of the filters you can choose from on Tamly: 

Job Title 


Location (from countries down to cities!)  

Company Size 

Desired Skills 


Years of professional experience 

Once you select all the filters to define your target audience on Tamly, the app will generate a list of potential customers ('leads') picked from your target audience which is a simple .xlsx document. Some of the information Tamly provides about your potential customers includes: 

LinkedIn Profile 

Company Email 




Job Title 

Company Name and Website 

Pro tip: Identifying precisely targeted leads from different target audiences is a fantastic way to test different demographics for your product and acquire new customers. 


Tamly's outreach feature not only simplifies customer acquisition but also enhances the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Its intuitive platform enables businesses to nurture relationships with potential clients swiftly and efficiently. Through personalized communication, Tamly fosters meaningful connections, building trust and loyalty among prospects. 

In an era where competition is fierce, Tamly equips businesses with the tools they need not only to identify their leads but also to engage them effectively, resulting in tangible and lasting customer relationships. In essence, Tamly is the key to unlocking the full potential of your lead generation efforts, paving the way for sustainable growth and success in the dynamic world of business. 

Tamly CRM and Digital Business Cards 

In addition to our Lead Generator and Link Management tools, we provide classic CRM services. At its core, you can save all your business contacts to your Tamly contact list. 

Some key information you can save about your contacts includes: 

Company Name and Job Position 

Contact Information such as Phone Number, Email, Website, and Address 

Notes, Interests, and Tags 

Moreover, you can design your digital business card, share it with contacts via a QR code, and allow them to reciprocally save your information as you save theirs. 

Without further ado, create your Tamly profile now to stay connected with your business network most effectively! 

With Tamly's comprehensive suite of features, you can supercharge your business operations, from lead generation to classic CRM services. Embrace the future of customer relationship management with Tamly and witness the transformative power it brings to your business. 

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