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Watch Out For These LinkedIn Limitations

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LinkedIn imposes various limitations on its users, mainly regarding sending connection requests and scanning others’ profiles. Also, the automation systems like Tamly and many others that allow you to utilize LinkedIn more effectively are not really favored by LinkedIn. 


With our built-in precautions and some key suggestions below, we always maximize your account safety and help you lay low while using all we have to offer at Tamly. So, make sure to read our suggestions listed below and adhere to them. 


1) Avoid any kind of LinkedIn activity while you are using Tamly bots both on mobile and desktop, whether you might be using Lead Generator or Outreach. 

2) Do not send more than 50 LinkedIn connection requests from an account per day, 100 per week, and keep a maximum of 250 pending connection requests sent. 

3) Do not draw the data of more than 400 leads per day, and 800 leads per week. 

4) Do not log in to multiple LinkedIn accounts from the same device; or if you might end up doing so, use separate IP addresses if you can. Low-interaction accounts are more likely to be flagged as spam and may have more limitations than high-interation accounts. Be genuine on LinkedIn, reach out to your potential strtegic partners and customers as who you are, using you true identity and your LinkedIn account. This is not only likely to help you drive more activity, but also result in higher response rates from your contacts. 

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