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Which Type of Business Networker Are You

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Expanding a business is as important as starting a business from scratch. Being able to keep the stability of the financial well-being and success and expanding the business is way more important than just expanding and failing to keep the stability. The most important thing about expanding a business network is to consider all the aspects such as chancing market and chancing competitors. Expanding a business network might seem scary and sound risky however if you plan your business strategies right then you’ll be able to expand your business network successfull

A healthy business network means so much to any of the companies that are successful or becoming to get successful. A succeeding business
network does help businesses to find customers, help them to generate new ideas and help you get in contact with financial partners, advisors and suppliers. Every person you meet related to your business as your network brings their network to you too. There are different types of networking tools such as digital networking and social networking. They both sound similar yet they do have huge differences in itself. Even though there are different styles of business networking each type of networking plays a major role in the business’s growth. Now, I’ll give you 7 tips to expand your business network.  

 'Attend networking events'

If you want to expand your business network; first thing you need to do is to attend various types of networking events and organizations. Some of the events that you can attend are:  

· Seminars related to your industry 

· Local chamber of commerce 

· Professional associations 

· Discussion forums 

It would be so much easier to meet new members in such organizations where every person is there to expand their networks. Business organizations and networking events are exactly the bestopportunity to make new connections and offer value to other people. 

'Present yourself' 

If you want to expand your business network second thing you need to do is to present yourself. Networking shouldn’t be seen as a marketing strategy it should be considered as a great opportunity to make great personal connections and building relationships that can benefit both sides. Which starts by being genuine to others and respecting their different opinions and needs. The way you present yourself is way too important because it can either help you expand your business network or quickly turn off new contact and partnerships. 

 !!!! The most important thing that you can do before presenting yourself is being ready with a clear description of what you’re doing and having answers to all the questions that you can get from others. 


'Utilize your online presence' 

One of the best ways to expand your business is utilizing your online presence in digital networking. There are so many digital networking tools where you can meet new members and clients for example: 

· Instagram 

· Linkedin

· Twitter 

· Online forums 

· Social media sites 

Internet is considered as one of the best places to deliver your goals to different groups and editing it according to the reactions that it is getting from others.  


'Ask for help'

It’s okay to get help!!! There are so many ways to expand your network. Each type of networking tool is used by specific characteristics. For example, if you are a shy person it would be so much easier for you to extend your connections through online platforms. However, it’s also okay to get help from others. The most important thing about social networking is face to face interaction. You can invite someone to accompany you during networking organizations so that you can get more comfortable and step out of your comfort zone to interact more with others. 


'Be active'

If you want to expand your business network another thing you have to do is to be more active. Most especially young entrepreneurs should be active in all platforms all the time. It’s important to show your yourself in business organizations, online platforms and social groups.  


'Follow-up with your connections' 

It would be so much better if you keep your connections strong with your network. For example: you can make networking connections stronger by creating groups, social media sites and online platforms to maintain the connection. Some of the ideas can be listed as: 

· Linked in pages 

· Facebook groups 

· Instagram pages 

· Informal groups on different platforms 

· Nonprofit organizations  

‘The business card’

Business cards might seem like a thing of the past, but that’s not really the case. With digital business cards, professionals now have a wide list of contacts at their fingertips! Digital business cards present your professional identity in the simplest way; like a LinkedIn profile simply fitted into a phone screen.

If you’re already a fan of business cards then keep it up! But don’t hang on to printed cards anymore, truth is it’s quite rough to carry them around all the time. By designing and sharing digital business cards with tools like Rezy, you can organize your business contacts better, and clearly introduce yourself to prospective connections without taking much of their time. 

How digital business cards support networking success

Setting a networking strategy will help you get the most out of your business network. With a digital business card and goals in mind, you’ll reap the fruits of hot networking events.

Whether you’re seeking new career opportunities, clients, partnerships, or simply inspiring contacts, knowing which potential contacts to target and how to reach out to them will make a huge difference. Why not kick-start your business networking journey by designing your brand new Tamly business card! 

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